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Children having surgery

Your childs comfort and wellbeing is important to us and visiting the hospital before admission to familiarise you both with the surroundings is encouraged.  We encourage Parents, Guardians or Caregivers to stay with your child.  We strongly recommend that if possible, you do not bring other children with you to the hospital.

All children 16 years or under can have one Parent or Guardian to stay overnight with them.  Meals will be provided for the overnight boarder parent/guardian.

For children aged 1 and over you will be able to accompany your child to theatre and stay with them until they are asleep.  If your child is under 1 year old, this is at the discretion of your Anaesthetist.

As soon as your child is awake in recovery, one of the recovery Nurses will come and get you so you can be with your child.

What to bring:

MRSA and your Child - Information for Parents and Caregivers

ESBL and your Child - Information for Parents and Caregivers.docx