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You will wake up in our post anaesthetic/recovery room.  You will most likely feel

Dependant on the procedure you are having, you may have some extra “attachments” such as SCD cuffs on your legs pumping up and down to reduce the formation of blood clots, a drain, an indwelling catheter draining from your bladder or fluids running through a drip.

Once you have recovered from your anaesthetic in the post anaesthetic/recovery room, you will be taken back to your overnight room or daystay cubicle.


Once you are awake and comfortable enough, you will be offered a light refreshment.  You will then change back into your own clothes in preparation for discharge.  You should know before your procedure an estimated time of discharge – this is usually 1-2 hours after your surgery, but can be 4-6 hours for more extensive procedures.

Your Nurse will discuss with you information that is important for you to know when you are at home. You will receive a copy of your operation note, discharge instruction sheet and prescription for any pain relief or other medications you may require.  Sometimes you will receive photos or a USB stick with images from your procedure

Overnight Stay:

On return to your room, you will be monitored closely. Your Nurse will commence postop vital sign recordings and wound checks.  These will continue regularly over a period of 4-6 hours, dependant on the procedure you have had.

You can start sips of water on return to the ward and once you feel up to it, likely quite a few hours later you may be able to have something light to eat.

Although it may be the last thing you feel like doing, it is important to recommence mobilising soon after surgery. It is ideal to have at least stood out of bed and walked on the spot within a few hours of return to the ward.  It is very common to feel light-headed and dizzy at this time.


You will be assessed by your Surgeon after your operation.  If you have stayed overnight, you will be assessed each morning.  When you are deemed medically well, you will receive clearance to go home. Your Nurse will ensure you are well informed and know what to expect.  If you have any questions, please ensure you ask them before you head home.

If you have stayed overnight or longer, discharge time is by 10am.  You may incur further charges if you are unable to be collected between 9am & 10am.

Discharge Checklist