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Our Specialists

Pivitol to Anglesea Hospital are the staff, whose greatest assets are their extensive training, experience and genuine love of their profession. Our team of specialists are highly proficient in their area of expertise and dedicated to providing our clients with a first-class service.

Jitoko Cama - Urology , Paediatric
Adam Stewart - General Surgery , Breast Surgery
Andrew Currie - Otolaryngology , Head & Neck Surgery
Damien Ah Yen - General Surgery , Direct Access Colonoscopy
Narena Dudley - Gynaecology
Theo Gregor - Head & Neck Surgery
Satyen Jesani - Orthopaedic
David Schroeder - General Surgery
Mike Woodfield - Plastic Surgery
Bulent Yaprak - Plastic Surgery
Wai Chang - General Surgery
Grant Christey - General Surgery , Endoscopy
Jasen Ly - General Surgery , Endoscopy
Laura Miller - Gynaecology
Linus Wu - General Surgery , Endoscopy
Mike Klaassen - Plastic Surgery
Neville Strick - Orthopaedic
Sandeep Patel - Orthopaedic
Simione Lolohea - General Surgery , Endoscopy
Simon Chong - Plastic Surgery
Steve Adams - Paediatric
Tarek Saleh - Gynaecology

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