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Our Specialists

Andrew Currie

Otolaryngology , Head & Neck Surgery

Areas of specialisation

  • Chronic middle-ear disease (glue ear and  sequelae)
  • Hearing loss (stapedectomy)
  • Balance disorders
  • Otoplasty
  • Snoring

Professional Profile

Mr Currie's private consultations are held at Tangmere Clinic, Te Awamutu Medical Centre and Thames Medical Centre and infrequently at the New Zealand Dizziness and Balance Centre in Auckland. 

Tangmere Clinic is fully equipped for complete assessment (including photodocumentation) of all ENT disorders including videoendoscopy (rigid and flexible) and complex computerised assessment of the balance-disordered patient (including videonystagmography). Dilworth Audiology is on-site.


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Direct line: 07 839 5562