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Askar Kukkady


I have specialized in treating infants and children with various surgical problems.

These include Gastro-intestinal conditions including Upper GI Endoscopy Head and Neck Surgery Hernias / Hydrocoeles / Undescended Testes Minimally Invasive Surgery- Laparoscopy & Thoracoscopy Paediatric Urology- Hypospadias, Hydronephrosis & other developmental and acquired Urogenital conditions Chest wall Reconstruction – Pectus Excavatum / Carinatum.

My career highlight was to be the lead surgeon of a team that separted the first set of Pygopagus conjoined twins in Australasia. I was selected as one of the top 10 New Zealanders in 2004 by New Zealand Herald.

Direct line: 07 957 4925

Mobile: 021 382 637